Friday, July 19, 2013



Danielle and I had the pleasure of meeting awesome photographer woman and coffee lover Debbie Carlos last year when she came to visit Toronto. We had both been fans of her work before she contacted us about doing a studio tour (in fact, there is a Debbie Carlos print IN our studio!), so we jumped at the opportunity. Our studio, at this time, was very tidy because we had just had a studio sale. We can assure you, it is generally a pretty huge disaster zone, ha!

Head over to Debbie's site to see more pics! And check out all her other studio tours too. She's got a really impressive list of talented makers up there and we are honoured to be included in the mix.

Also, isn't this fireworks print of hers the greatest? Don't you want it so bad?


  1. I love these photos. That print with the "v" shape is SO good. I also love that fireworks print!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. I love the studio tour. I think a sign of a successful studio is a mess of chaos and projects. All of these pictures turned out awesome. Thank you for sharing.

    Professional Doctorate